Samsung has a new Galaxy Watch band up for sale, dubbed the Rugged Sport. It’s available for both the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 5 and it looks very familiar indeed.

The new band, which is clearly designed to be used while out and about, running around, climbing things, and generally being active, costs $49.99. And that’s a lot cheaper than the Apple Watch Ultra Ocean band that it very much looks like. Apple fans have to pay $99 for that bad boy!


The Rugged Band was spotted by 9to5Google and comes in multiple colour options, all of which are pretty muted. Samsung says that the band has a “bold and versatile design”, saying that the “added thickness and texture help reinforce the band for long-lasting endurance to match your dynamic lifestyle.”

Samsung says the new band is designed to be sporty and durable. “Made of strong fluoroelastomer material, the band is easily fixed around your wrist to help provide added softness and flexibility for active usage,” the company’s website says.

While it doesn’t appear to clip together in the same way as Apple’s Ocean band, the overall aesthetic is very similar indeed. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing and we think people are going to love wearing the Rugged Sport band.

Buyers can choose between black and white/grey options while the green and taupe options shown on the Samsung website don’t yet appear to be available for order. That will surely change, but they aren’t there just yet.

The band itself is available in small/medium and medium/large sizes so make sure that you choose the one that best fits your wrist if you’re planning on making a purchase. At that price, it might seem a bit costly but considering it’s half the price of Apple’s version it might not be quite as expensive as we thought.

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